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henry jay |HE/ROT - 21 YRS
it's me, henry! the guy who made this site!! i'd call myself an amateur coder (defo a learn-as-i-go type), but it's easily one of my favorite hobbies, alongside drawing, writing, and scheming to find and fistfight rachel smythe (my enemy). i enjoy video games despite being very bad at them, and i detest sleeping despite being very good at it. i'm a ghoulish little hater. i'm doing your mom. i'm the childhood friend you want to forget. i'm an insolent worm.
what's important to me
All beliefs and opinions I post are my own.
My activism and content in general is supportive of LGBTQ+ people (including MOGAI), POC (especially black and indigenous people), sex workers, disabled people, and victims of abuse regardless of gender.
I believe that it's important to be critical of your interests, that we shouldn't immediately lambast all content that has issues as irredeemable, and we should acknowledge that almost no media is truly "unproblematic", while also understanding that sometimes we should draw lines against supporting legitimately dangerous art/artists--and also understand that critical or explorative depictions of dark subjects are not inherently supportive of said subjects.
Black Lives Matter. Fuck kops, fuck terfs/swerfs, and fetishization is not fucking acceptance. American Capitalism is unethical. Billionaires are unethical. Colonized America was never great.
later these will be my art but for now it's just what the characters actually look like instead of the canon i have made up in my head

Jay Walker
trans. adhd. loves his wife. same

[FE: Awakening]
silly (violent) goofy (traumatized)

Leo & Takumi
[FE: Fates]
do not separate them

Toy Bonnie
[Five Nights at Freddy's]
i dont have to explain myself to you


[Animal Crossing]
this bird understands me